Lymphoedema Physiotherapy

This condition is when the patient experiences an excessive build up of protein rich fluid in the limb or trunk, due to the decreased functioning of the lymphatic system to clear this fluid naturally.
Patients will experience this condition for no known reason, or most commonly after an incident such as cancer where the lymph nodes have been removed. Emma’s years of experience and expertise aid her patients to optimise limb volume so the patient can regain their independence once more.

Lymphoedema Treatment Comprises of:

  • Specialised Assessment

  • Specialised Manual Drainage techniques: this gets rid of the excess fluid and normalises the lymph system

  • Taping: this is a specialised method to reduce and stabilise limb / trunk volume

  • Garments: specialised supports to reduce limb volume and prevent fluctuations

  • Teaching her patients, and their partners, these tools to self manage and take control of their own health

  • Pilates and Home Exercise Programmes: specific to reducing and minimising fluid build up, and preventative

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