Men’s Health Physiotherapy

We provide treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction in men, helping to cure a variety of issues including bowel or bladder control problems as the result of a prostatectomy and urologic chronic pelvic pain syndromes.

Physiotherapy for Men’s Health

Men’s Health issues can appear at any age and physiotherapy plays a role with pain relief and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The conditions physiotherapy can help with are:

  • Prostatitis

  • Post prostatectomy

  • Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain

  • Bowel dysfunction

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Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction in men include:

  • Urinary frequency

  • Urinary urgency

  • Bladder control problems

  • Bowel control problems

  • Ejaculatory dysfunction

  • Post ejaculatory pain

  • Penile Pain

  • Pain in the testes

  • Pelvic floor pain

Emma uses her skills and experience to develop a treatment plan that is tailored around each individual case. Using information gained through initial consultations, she can then help our patients restore proper function and relieve themselves of pain and other unwanted symptoms.